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Publish Date : 30 May 2019 - 00:45  ,  
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Palestine will definitely be liberated and returned to its people: Imam Khamenei

Palestine will definitely be liberated and returned to its people: Imam Khamenei

The issue of Gaza is not the issue of a small piece of land. The issue of Palestine is not only a geographical issue. It is the issue of humanity and human principles. Today, the issue of Palestine is a dividing line between commitment and hostility to human principles. This issue has such significance.

Without a doubt, America will suffer a loss in this deal. These historical eras and these ten, twenty, thirty-year historical developments are like a moment and they will soon pass. But the history and future of America will definitely suffer a loss as a result of the movement that they launched in the past 50, 60 years with regards to the issue of Palestine. The issue of Palestine will be a source of disgrace for America for many years in the future.

Palestine will be liberated. You should have no doubt about this. Palestine will definitely be liberated. It will be restored to the people of Palestine and a Palestinian government will be formed in this country. There is no doubt about this, but America's disgrace and notoriety will not disappear. They will continue to be disgraced.

There is no doubt that a new Middle East will be formed based on the truths which Allah the Exalted has determined. This Middle East will be an Islamic Middle East, as the issue of Palestine is an Islamic issue. All peoples are responsible towards Palestine. All governments are responsible towards Palestine, whether Muslim or non-Muslim governments. Any government which claims to advocate humanity is responsible towards this issue.


However, Muslims' responsibility in this regard is a heavier one. Islamic governments are responsible and they should carry out their responsibility on this issue. Any government which does not carry out its responsibility on the issue of Palestine will suffer a loss. This is because nations have awakened and they want governments to do such things. Therefore, governments have to give in to this issue and they have to surrender.

For us people in the Islamic Republic, the issue of Palestine is neither a tactical issue nor a political strategy. For us, the issue is the issue of belief, heart and faith. This is why there is no gap on this issue between us and our people. Our people - those who know what the issue of Palestine is and these people form the majority of the population - have the same motivation and diligence as we do on the issue of Palestine.

As you can see, the people in big and small cities and even in villages gather on Quds Day - in each year's last Friday of the month of Ramadan which our Imam (r.a.) specified as Quds Day - and show the same feelings that they show on other rallies such as the 22nd of Bahman rallies. They show the same presence that they do on the 22nd of Bahman which is a reminder and the anniversary of the victory of our Revolution and which is an issue related to domestic events. On Quds Day, the people in all the cities of the country - whether big or small - and in all villages take to the streets no matter if the weather is hot or cold and they show their presence and motivation.

You should know that if we officials of the country had not stopped the people, many of our youth would have shown their presence in the arena of Palestine. On the issue of Gaza, our youth went to the airport and they did not return despite all the measures that officials adopted. They returned only with my message. If I had not issued a message, they would not have returned. They said, "Take us to Gaza". They believed that they could reach Gaza. This is the motivation of our youth.