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Publish Date : 14 June 2019 - 13:57  ,  
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TEHRAN (Basirat): Chogha recreational hill is one of the major tourist centers and entertainment of Borujerd in terms of its rich sources, composed of volcanic rocks, wild and rare plant species and because of its particular position.
Chogha Recreational Hill Known as the "Roof of Borujerd" in the Iran

Chogha hill is visible from the entrances of the city and one can stand above and see the extent and breadth of the city, green, recreational areas, scenic landscape of Fadak garden, and the monuments of city in the east such as Jame Mosque and Imam Mosque of Borujerd, Goldasht big and beautiful plain in the west, Silakhor plain in south and historical bridge of the Hatam Castle in the north.

The height of this hill is not the only reason of its value, but its design as a rocky park, appropriate road, infrastructures such as Zagros international four star hotels, an artificial lake, waterfall and fountain, appropriate sculpture in park design, martyrs and an anonymous mausoleum has made it into a unique attraction.

Source: Tasnim

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