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Publish Date : 28 June 2019 - 01:09  ,  
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TEHRAN (Basirat): Maisan Yahya Muhammad is a six-year-old girl who has learned the entire Quran by heart.


The girl, who will go to school next year, is now the youngest memorizer of the Quran in the United Arab Emirates.

Her mother says she started memorizing the Holy Book at the age of three, taking part in Quranic classes in Sharjah.

She said her daughter attended the Sheikh Zayed Quran contests a few months later and came seventh in memorization.

At the time, she had learned two Juzes (parts) of the Quran by heart, she noted.


6-Year-Old Girl Is Youngest Quran Memorizer in UAE


The Holy Quran is the only religious Scripture that is memorized by its followers.

Innumerable persons in every Muslim community have memorized the Quran since the first day it was revealed.

The Quran has 30 Juzes (parts), 114 Surahs (chapters) and 6,236 verses.  


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