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TEHRAN(Basirat): Sheikha Hassina Ahmed Mohammadin Abdul Fattah al-Rabiei is a visually-impaired woman who has spent 60 years of her life in serving the Book of God.


Hassina lives in a village named Kafr Abdul Mumin near the city of Dikirnis in Egypt’s northeastern Dakahlia Governorate.  

She lost her eyesight in early childhood but this did not prevent her from embarking on memorization of the Quran and learning the entire Holy Book by heart.

“I learned the Quran at the age of ten and my teacher was Ahmed al-Damhuji,” she says. “Before his death, he urged me to launch a Maktab (Quran teaching center).”

The 80-year-old woman has been since teaching the Quran to children.

She recites verses of the Quran and the students listen to her. Then she asks them to recite the verses and makes sure they do it correctly.


Egyptian Woman Has Been Serving Quran for 60 Years


Hassina says she has helped more than 50 villagers memorize the entire Quran.

She herself reads at least 6 Juzes (parts) of the Quran every day so that she does not forget the verses.

Since the Quran has 30 Juzes in total, she manages to read the entire Holy Book every five days.

Hassina wishes she could make the Hajj pilgrimage along with her brother.

Some years ago, she won a Quran contest and her award was an Umrah (minor Hajj) package but she refused to accept it because she wanted to be accompanied by her brother.


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