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Publish Date : 16 September 2019 - 00:51  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): More than 100 women have been killed in France by their spouses since the start of 2019, while figures show the country has a higher rate of femicides than many others in the world.
France Rocked by Rising Tides of Femicide

"104 women have died under the blows of their spouse since the beginning of this year," according to figures released on the offical Twitter account of the National Assembly, as, at the current rate, France is on course to record around 150 femicides for the year.

In early September, a demonstration was held in Paris to denounce the 100th femicide in France this year, at which people held signs showing the names of the women killed by their partner or ex-partner between January and September 2019. Protesters called on the French government to act.

According to the NGO "Femicides par compagnons ou ex" (Femicides by partners or exes), a woman is killed by a partner or former partner every two days in France. The group called on French authorities to take a new approach by removing violent men from their partners and families, rather than women and children being the ones to move to shelters.

The collective told Euronews last month that among those killed this year, many had already gone to the police about domestic violence issues but that their concerns had not been taken seriously.

About 220,000 French women are the victims of domestic violence each year. In 2016, 123 women were killed by their boyfriend, husband, former partner, brother or son; 135 in 2017; 120 in 2018.

Le Monde newspaper conducted an in-depth investigation into the 120 femicides committed in 2018. Case by case, its journalists studied what was or was not done by the authorities and social services. The daily reported it was convinced that “a large portion of these femicides could be avoided, if French society gave itself the means”.

In early September, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a raft of new measures including the creation of 1,000 additional places in emergency accommodation for women who are the victims of domestic violence and an audit of police handling of domestic violence.

According to a study by the Victims' Delegation of the National Police and National Gendarmerie, in 2018, 21 children were also killed in the context of domestic violence. The study showed that the vast majority of domestic murders were carried out using a weapon and that 83% occurred in the home of the couple, the victim or the perpetrator. The most prevalent motive was non-acceptance of the separation of the couple.


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