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Publish Date : 23 October 2019 - 23:16  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): Iran’s Sanda team defended its title at the World Wushu Championships held in Shanghai, China.
Iran’s Sanda Defends Title at World Wushu Championships

Iranian women won three gold medals and men’s practitioners also claimed five gold medals.

Shahrbano Mansouriyan (70kg), Maryam Hashemi (75kg) and Elaheh Mansouriyan (75kg) claimed three golds in the women’s section.

Iranian men’s practitioners Erfan Ahangarian (65kg), Ali Khorshidi (80kg), Mohsen Mohammad Seifi (70kg), and Milad Arefi (85kg) and Yousef Sabri (75kg) won five gold medals.

Talolu practitioner Mohammad Ali Mojiri also won a gold medal in the nandao discipline.

Hanieh Rajabi won two silvers in the nandao and nangun and Zahra Kiani seized a bronze in the changquan discipline.

Players from 102 countries and regions participated in the competition, the most high-level contest within the Wushu sport.

Host China sits top of the table with 10 gold medals and one bronze in Sanada and Taolu, followed by Iran with seven golds, two silvers and one bronze.


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