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Publish Date : 01 December 2019 - 19:52  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): Some security analysts believe that since the Islamic Republic of Iran dealt with the recent unrest quickly and intelligently the foe did not use all of its energy and decided to use the rest of its capacity in the future.

Regardless of whether the analysis is correct or not, it is necessary that the government be fully aware of the possibility of future crises which there is a ground for them.

The foe has chosen the vulnerable point to create a crisis. It exploits the legitimate and rightful protests of people who are concerned about their future living conditions. The foe’s think tank is well aware of economic problems, that part of which is because of sanctions and another part is due to mismanagement and incompetence. 

The most important factor in creating crises are people. However, if people do not accompany the foe in carrying out its plans, the effects of its actions will effectively be limited to vandalism and plunder.

It should be noted that since Trump came to power, diplomats, despite making commendable efforts, were not able to pave the way for overcoming deep challenges between Iran and the West and its regional allies. They also failed to lift or halt cruel sanctions against the Iranians. 

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei, during his meeting with businesspersons and entrepreneurs on November 19, explicitly emphasized this fact and said sanctions will go unabated. 

The Leader said the impression that sanctions would come to an end in the next one or two years is an illusion. He said with the knowledge of the arrogant front’s position, sanctions will be in place for the foreseeable future and in order to save the economy, one should not wait for the lifting of sanctions or action by some countries.

Although it cannot be expected that, despite unprecedented economic sanctions (economic terrorism), people’s living conditions will remain unharmed, certainly there are some solutions that can significantly ease the economic pressure on the people. 

Through their epic participation in pro-establishment rallies across the country in the past few days, people have shown that there is a strong bond between them and the country and that they will not compromise on the country’s security and stability. Yet, they rightfully have demands from the authorities.

The crisis can reemerge because its conditions still exist and such vulnerabilities will tempt the foe to take advantage of them. 

Also, the recent crisis must have made all state bodies and authorities aware that one cannot expect that the security bodies always pay for the costs but an immediate measure is not taken to activate the national economy with a real focus on domestic production. 
Source: TehranTimes

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