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Publish Date : 17 December 2019 - 22:28  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): Miko Peled, prominent anti-Israeli activist, says Israel provides a racist context to people in the occupied lands; hence, everyone raised in that society will suffer from being treated different degrees of racism.
Miko Peled: Zionism Intolerant, Violent And Racist, Exact Opposite of Judaism

Speaking in an exclusive interview with FNA, Peled said, “Israel pretends the Arabs are minority, which is untrue. Majority of Israelis are Arabs, but they are treated like minorities without rights.”

Miko Peled is a Tel Aviv-born author and activist. He was born and raised in Tel Aviv, but turned into a prominent anti-Zionist activist. He is the author of The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine, and Injustice, the Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five.

Below is the full text of the interview:

Q: People in Israel are not treated the same, and they do not tolerate one another. How do you find the society there?

A: It is not surmising that Israel is a society with a high level of intolerance. Because it is a racist society. Israel is wholly built on a racist ideology which is called Zionism. Children are raised in that society and getting faced with a racist education system. Even in the school time, those who have come from European countries in comparison to those who are from Arab countries, go to better school. One who grows up there will end up in racism, in a racist and intolerant society. What is interesting about Israel is that it pretends to be a very liberal and tolerant society, but there is no question that the society is racist and different levels of society are intolerant of one another.

Q: How is the hierarchical society formed in Israel?

A: The higher one is on the ladder, the less tolerance people show toward him. People with European background are considered better off in terms of schools and opportunities in comparison to Israelis whose parents with probably darker skin come from Arab countries. Blacks, Ethiopians and Arab Palestinians are suffering a big deal of racism and intolerance, as well. Israel pretends the Arabs are minority, which is untrue. Majority of Israelis are Arabs, but they are treated like minorities without rights. Non-Jews are guaranteed to suffer from discrimination in every aspect of the life. That is the nature of that society.

Q: Israel claims to be a Jewish state. Are Israelis ranked based on the religion?

A: Israel claims it is a Jewish state, and it claims Zionism is a Jewish ideology. But both of these claims are false. Israel is not Jewish, as it treats the Orthodox Jews very poorly, and the ultra-orthodox Jews even worst. The Israeli Rabbinate is in charge of all of the life-cycle events which is an attempt to control the religion which allows them to run a state religion. This is how Israel operates, and does not provide much choice to people who do not want to be a part of that. Many Jews around the world have technically no interest in Israel and they are happy with where they are as a minority wherever they reside. Zionism is the exact opposite of Judaism, as it is intolerant, violent and racist.


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