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Publish Date : 26 January 2020 - 23:51  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): The millions-strong protest in Baghdad on Friday was a continuation of the “hard revenge” process over the assassination of senior commanders of the resistance movement.

This is while that over the past three weeks and after the approval of a resolution calling for the expulsion of U.S. troops by Iraq’s parliament, the Western media outlets had been claiming that the resolution is not backed by people.

The Iraqi people, in a historic rally reminiscent of the pullout of British troops from the country in 1920, positively responded to the referendum on the expulsion of American terrorists. They also showed that hatred for the Americans had nothing to do with the views of other countries, including Iran.

The anti-U.S. demonstration, which also received full support from Iraq's religious authority, was reflected widely in various media outlets around the world.

The clear message of the Iraqi people in the Friday demonstration in support of the parliamentary resolution and explicit opposition to the presence of American terrorists in their country were in fact a response to two weeks of hostile U.S. efforts to undermine the resolution. The protest was of great importance because the U.S. officials had claimed that Iraqis have no objection to the U.S. military presence in their country, but their objection is to the presence of others.

This is a significant message as over the past four months the hegemonic system has used all its potential by launching a plan based on hybrid warfare model as one of the most modern fourth-generation warfare to properly carry out the project of “regional partition”.

In this model, violent protests using symbols effective at inciting the youth to riot like the Joker, full media-intelligence support, and even using some ISIS elements are among the intended operations aimed at creating power vacuum and disrupting order in the countries classified as the axis of resistance.   

The presence of millions of Iraqis in the Friday demonstration, which was staged in Baghdad's Jadriya neighborhood, clearly showed that the U.S. hybrid warfare is failed in this phase.

In other words, the Iraqi people’s anti-U.S. move showed that U.S.-led coalitions have not been able to achieve their goals even with the support of intelligence agencies aligned with the CIA and Mossad, the widespread psychological operations by the London-based TV channels, and Saudi Arabia's Etidal.   

Source: TehranTimes

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